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Rural Hospitals

We know the Bankruptcy Code, and we know how to use it to help rural hospitals surmount the challenges they face.

We have significant experience representing rural hospitals in distress. Our attorneys often represent hospitals, both in out-of-court workouts and through the Chapter 11 reorganization process. We also counsel buyers, lenders, directors, and officers when they are dealing with bankrupt healthcare entities. Tom Waldrep, a former United States Bankruptcy Judge, serves as a Chapter 11 trustee for several hospitals in the Chapter 11 process.

Our extensive experience in healthcare bankruptcy matters means that we not only practice bankruptcy law, but also understand the nuances of healthcare reimbursement, Medicare and Medicaid provider regulation, healthcare licensure, and Stark law. We are intimately familiar with the legal and business issues that rural hospitals encounter and have established ourselves as industry leaders in this niche arena.

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