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Partner Jim Lanik Presents at the Fraud and Forensic Conference

Partner Jim Lanik presented virtually at the Fraud and Forensic Conference, a virtual webinar hosted by the Ohio Society of CPAs on August 29, 2023. His presentation, "Bankruptcy Fraud," gives an overview of the bankruptcy process, what it means to be in bankruptcy, the responsibilities of debtors, and more.

Jim Lanik, who specializes in business bankruptcy and municipal law, stated, “When somebody is on the verge of bankruptcy or financial problems, accountants need to think about everything they usually do in terms of fraud detection. And realize that when things get tough, people get desperate. Bankruptcy law and tax law are incredibly specialized areas and not something a professional should just dabble in. My experience is that people who don't know a lot about bankruptcy don't know what they don't know. Generally, there's a misconception that you don't have to put everything you own through bankruptcy. When they file, someone might think they can keep their house or car out of bankruptcy. That’s not how it works.”


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