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Jennifer Lyday to Speak at NABT 2022 Annual Conference

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Attorney Jennifer Lyday will be speaking at the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees (NABT) 2022 Annual Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia next week on June 9. Her presentation, “Show Me the Money: Practical Issues at the Intersection of Subchapter V Trustees and Estate Funds,” will discuss how to navigate the many issues at the intersection of Subchapter V Trustees and money such as: the duties that come into plan when Subchapter V trustees are handling estate funds; the circumstances under which a Subchapter V trustee may be required to handle estate funds; whether Subchapter V trustees must always distribute the money in non-consensual plans; whether Subchapter V trustees can be forced to distribute the money in consensual plans; the mechanics of and strategies for distributing money in Subchapter V cases; how and when to request approval of Subchapter V fees; what types of fees are being approved for Subchapter V fees; and tax reporting considerations. Have fun and safe travels, Jennifer!

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