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Attorney Jim Lanik Presents in Webinar

Attorney Jim Lanik will be presenting during a Webinar, “Paperless Office,” along with Lee Ann Pierce, Attorney and Chapter 7 Trustee. The Webinar will be held on February 28, 2023 at 12pm ET and hosted by Stretto.

A paperless office is not just about scanning and shredding. Discover how to become more efficient with paper, reduce waste, and streamline your office processes and procedures.

The need to become paperless is more important than ever due to changes to the Trustee workplace, including Handbook guidance, remote work, and security issues.

Stretto leverages best-in-class technology, along with deep-industry expertise and market insights, to facilitate every aspect of case and deposit management for its bankruptcy clients. As a trusted partner, professionals rely on Stretto to handle processes from start-to-finish so they can focus on more substantive case matters.


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