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Associate Natalia Talbot Elected to the BarCARES Board of Directors

The North Carolina Bar Association Board of Governors has elected Waldrep Wall Babcock & Bailey PLLC Associate Natalia Talbot to the BarCARES Board of Directors for their 2023-2024 term. Natalia is passionate about improving attorney well-being and promoting mental health.

BarCARES is a confidential, short-term intervention program provided cost-free to members of participating judicial district bars, voluntary bar associations and law schools.

The BarCARES program is made possible by BarCARES of North Carolina, Inc., the North Carolina Bar Association, the North Carolina Bar Foundation, Lawyers Insurance Agency, as well as participating judicial district bars, voluntary bar associations, law schools and the NCBA Paralegal Division.

Through services rendered by HRC Behavioral Health & Psychiatry, P.A. and their subcontractors across the state, BarCARES is designed to offer no-cost assistance in dealing with problems that might be causing distress and can be used to help with personal issues (crisis intervention, depression/anxiety, substance use and financial concerns), family issues (marriage/relationships, children/adolescents and parenting/family conflict), work issues (professional stressors, case-related stress and conflict resolution), and student coaching on stress/time management, etc.

The NCBA BarCARES Initiative offers a one-time, three-session assessment/referral to any NCBA member who resides in a non-covered BarCARES area and has never utilized BarCARES services previously, regardless of whether they are currently covered by health insurance. Eligible NCBA members should call 1.800.640.0735 (HRC Behavioral Health & Psychiatry, PA) to schedule their three free sessions. The NCBA BarCARES Initiative does not include immediate family members.


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