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Municipal Law

Just as private entities require ongoing legal advice, so, too, do municipalities in the state of North Carolina. Typically, municipalities engage a lawyer to function as town or city attorney, serving at the pleasure of the municipality’s governing body. These local governments must not only deal with the areas of law unique to a government, but they also face the same issues as any other for-profit or non-profit entity.

The attorneys of Waldrep Wall have represented several local governments and governmental subdivisions as town and city attorney, as attorney to the planning and zoning board, and as attorney for a county social services agency, and they continue to represent several nearby municipalities. That representation includes the following areas:

  • Laws and regulations specifically impacting local governments, such as Chapter 160A of the North Carolina General Statutes

  • Employment matters

  • Land use regulation

  • Planning and zoning

  • Litigation

  • Real property acquisition and disposition

  • Monitoring legislation affecting local governments

We strive to provide efficient and effective representation to local governments to allow those entities, and their elected and appointed officials, to fulfill their obligations to their citizens and to the laws of the state of North Carolina.

The Municipal Team
Jim Lanik and Ciara L. Rogers

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